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Sai Sai

by KOROstyle on Section 8 Recordings

tags: deep, dark, classic, dubstep, strings, melody, grime, Section 8 Recordings, KOROstyle, Sai

Remixes from Artoniks and Von D plus bonus track. "SAI SAI" is a nickname given to me by Von D. "SAI SAI" which is french slang derived from my home country Senegal, is similar to the meaning of "joker". After finishing a tune one day, I felt the name "SAI SAI" was a good fit for it. Considering being my debut 12" release, I feel it is a homage to my 'swag and home country. My debut ep was named "TEE HEE" and I find it fitting my debut 12'' being named "SAI SAI". I believe sound is a gateway for energy to transmutate. If SAI SAI is the ship, Ouf is the weapon." Bless, KOROstyle 2014

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Who's on this release:

Von D

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GENRE: Dubstep
LABEL: Section 8 Recordings
RELEASE DATE: Sep, 22 2014

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