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Bad Poetry

by Goreteks on Section 8 Recordings

tags: amen, tearout, drum and bass, Section 8 Recordings, Goreteks, Bad, Poetry

A deeply disturbing contribution from Denver-based production duo Goreteks provides some insight into the dark underbelly of American drum and bass. Not content with frat party soundsystems and bass-driven beer pong, DJs Baloo and Strode bashed their heads together to create "Bad Poetry", an old-school roundhouse smash to the face with added horror movie atmospherics. "Blesser Au L'Esprit" tricks out tense, minimal atmospherics with some seriously impressive severe breaks again with that same old-school spirit. Keep your eyes on these two, with a kick starter like this they are surely destined for big things.

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Available as lossless WAV, 320kbps 44.1kHz Joint Stereo and other formats.

GENRE: Drum & Bass
LABEL: Section 8 Recordings
RELEASE DATE: Apr, 09 2013


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