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Flippant Funk

by Electromass on Section 8 Bass

tags: hiphop, glitchy, 180bpm, 90bpm, Section 8 Bass, Electromass, Flippant, Funk

Complex instrumentals lined with danceable new form funk. Jimmy Thomas (Electromass) started from the UK Bigbeat scene gathering many styles and ideals which have now set him up to master the art of darker edged dubstep and experimental instumentals. His interest in the mechanics of electronic music began early -- writing drum patterns in all styles and gaining knowledge from profressional drummers in the scene who have helped him develop his sound since his early years. His newest single, "Flippant Funk" is a de-emphasis on melody but empasis on strong rhythmic grooves and electric bass, An admixture of influences including drummer Bernard Perdie, and musicians such as early Chemical Brothers and Amon Tobin. This particular release in fact has an Amon Tobin-esque experimental breaks feel to it ... yet you also get a sense of deep hiphop rooted drum breaks and sampled jazz funk compositions of various natures,.. Both tracks focus around the half-time 90BPM shuffle and are very mixable with drum and bass and hiphop.. either way a definite good way to "funk up" a mix when you need to. Recommended.

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Available as lossless WAV, 320kbps 44.1kHz Joint Stereo and other formats.

GENRE: Glitch Hop, Drum & Bass, Experimental
LABEL: Section 8 Bass
RELEASE DATE: Jul, 14 2011


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