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The Prologue EP

by Barbican on Section 8 Recordings

tags: Section 8 Recordings, Barbican, The, Prologue, EP

This 6-track release is quite nicely nestled between tech and minimal flavors. Track 1.) "Divine Entity" is a deep techy roller laced with nice atmospherics. Quite a junky non-traditional placement on the drums which I quite like. Track 2.) "Sent from 94" brings about more techy drumwork with a number of psychedelic sounds tying it all together. Quite a moody track with enough kick and sub-bass to give it dancefloor appeal. Track 3.) "Fan The Flames" turns into a quite unexpected twist away from the other tracks. A nice halftime vibe with some great tribal feeling percussive elements. Another dancefloor tune for the deep heads. Track 4.) "Conspire" has the full-on jungle treatment with strewn with ragga vocal samples and lovely lead into the breakdown which maintains interest and anticipation for the next drop. Track 5.) "Envy, Lust, And Low Cunning" starts off quite eerie in the vocal department lined with some nice strings and bass'd out synth lead and a comfy drum break. Track 6.) "Harlot" goes deep and autonomic. The chattering of jamaica can be heard in the background pulling the track nicely together in a loop that could entrance the dance floor chin strokers. Quite an original sounding piece.

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Available as lossless WAV, 320kbps 44.1kHz Joint Stereo and other formats.

GENRE: Drum & Bass, Deep Dubstep, Minimal
LABEL: Section 8 Recordings
RELEASE DATE: Jun, 23 2014


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