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Episode 4 : Insane Promo Mix

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Section 8 Recordings podcast #4 features another mix from the mighty Despise bringing the heat once again.  From deep to heavy dark dubstep, we're putting focus on our new release from an0dyne, entitled "Insane". 

Check it out (it's the opener track as well as the b-side about a couple tunes into the mix.  There are even a couple of free download tracks in the mix. Please rate and comment in iTunes!

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"Big up to crowntroyal9 and Andrew Wright for the 5 star ratings in iTunes on our previous episode!

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25,000 plays and counting on the last episode! Thanks!
NEW RELEASE: Katwon - Opera Of The Death
NEW RELEASE: Koya - Hardcore Vibes
NEW RELEASE: Various Artists - Exclusive Dubplates
NEW RELEASE: Megalodon, Conscious Pilot - Like This (Digital Release)
NEW RELEASE: Criss Hathaway, WaxPlanet - Tooth Monster
NEW RELEASE: Brainpain - Full Throttle EP
NEW RELEASE: an0dyne - Insane

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mixed by Despise (
  1. Insane - an0dyne [SECTION8]
  2. Steroids - Sinister Souls [S.C.U.M. Recordings]
  3. Conkers Deep - Shadow Conspiracy (an0dyne Remix) [SECTION8]
  4. Terminus - Matta [BOKA RECORDS]
  5. Wipe Em Out - Matt U [BLACK BOX]
  6. Triton - Olie Bassweight [SECTION8]
  7. The Aftermath - Dirty Dubstepperz [AMATHUS MUSIC]
  8. Stay With Me feat. Rani - Amit [EXIT RECORDS]
  9. Trango Towers - Missing Link [DUB INJEKTION]
  10. Black Market - De Niro [NOMAD RECORDS]
  11. Inclined - Fear Of The Dark (Olie Bassweight rmx) [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  12. Atlas - Balkansky [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  13. Like This feat. Doctor - Megalodon & Conscious Pilot [SECTION8]
  14. Fearless - Koya [SECTION8]
  15. Egyptian Empire - The Horn Track 20th Anniversary Edition (SPL Remix)
  16. Fly By Knight - Bats [Basshead Music]
  17. Blind - Underhill (Balkansky rmx) [Ad Noiseam]
  18. Lush Stranger - Dubfonik [Bassweight Recordings]
  19. Uncontrolled - Matt U [Black Box]
  20. Opera Of The Death - Kawton [SECTION8]
  21. Temple - SideProjekt [Pressed Records]
  22. Let Them Go - Andy Malex 2.0 [SECTION8]

Right-click here to download the MP3

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